Motor Valley is coming to town.
 May 16-17-18-19, 2019 | MODENA




Breathtaking performances

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Research and passion meet

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Discover the faces
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Explore the Motor Valley

Timeless brands

The excellence of Emilia Romagna

Motor Valley is the land where passion comes alive. The place where some of the world’s leading automotive and motorcycle brands were born and continue to build the legend of speed.

International circuits

Passion and competition

Racing is in the DNA of this area.
A sporting passion born and developed in some of the most important racetracks in the world.

Private Collectors

Gems to discover

Passion and research meet in these pearls of the local area. Places where priceless treasures are kept and where enthusiasts can experience their charm and value.

Museums of Speed

Riding through history

Places that narrate the stories of legendary characters. Museums that preserve the relics that represent the genius and ingenuity of the men who made this land great.

Education Centres

Looking towards the future

Professionalism, innovation, excellence. Motor Valley has created a synergy between universities, training centers and companies to train and engage people in the world of work.

Operators of the Sector

An expanding network

The excellent organizations that bring the Motor Valley to life. Event organizers, stables, driving centers, designers, and all operators in the sector.

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