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fleXstructures develops and distributes IPS Products Suite, the perfect integrated industrial process simulations and optimization solution at all development stages and manufacturing processes: • Design of flexible components: layout, motion, dynamics and durability (IPS Cable Simulation); • Motion planning and work-load optimization of multi-robot stations (IPS Robot Optimization); • Automatic verification of assembly feasibility (IPS Path Planner); • Painting and Sealing processes simulation and optimization (IPS Virtual Paint); • Ergonomic workplace layout optimization (IPS IMMA). Advantages of IPS tools consist on: • Full real-time functionality, transforming such tools, single or combined, in an Instant-Decision Platform across any product development phase; • Guarantee of confident results, fully validated through physical characterizations (such as for example for flexibles), and then allowing High-performance execution; • Improved performance through more productive collaboration, realized through Integration of different tools (such as: manikin manipulating flexibles, robots running in a sealing or painting process, collaborative robot), making then concrete the Collaboration across the different industrial processes and teams; • Virtual Reality integration, also considering real environment through point cloud data acquisition. As a result of this, you will be able to: • Save enormous amount of time in the industrial development process, because of frontloading early in the Stages; • Reduce drastically the number of prototypes, which will be thus used for final verification only; • Get tangible ROI, already proven within several customer application cases. Smart Industry 4.0: IPS Products Suite makes it easy!
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