Adriano, Bruno and Marcello: the dream of the Ducati brothers

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Adriano, Bruno and Marcello: the dream of the Ducati brothers

Ducati, at the time known as the Radio Brevetti Ducati Scientific Society, was founded on 4 July 1926 by the three brothers from Bologna, Adriano, Bruno and Marcello Cavalieri Ducati, assisted by their father Antonio.

Driven by the enthusiasm generated by the technological discoveries of the famous Guglielmo Marconi, Nobel Prize winner and father of radio transmission, also from Bologna, they began producing a small condenser called "" Manens "" in a laboratory located in the center of Bologna, where they worked together with two workers and a secretary. In just ten years, Ducati expanded enormously and production moved to Borgo Panigale, employing over 1,600 workers, becoming one of the largest industrial companies of the time.

During the Second World War the factory was destroyed and the Ducati brothers decided to introduce, in 1946, the first motorcycle product, the "Cucciolo" auxiliary micromotor, designed to meet the needs of economic means of transport, and easy to use. (the Cucciolo was applicable to the frames of the common bicycles).

In 1948, the Ducati brothers ceded ownership to state holdings, which continued and developed motorcycle production in Borgo Panigale until 1984. 

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