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Teodoro Lio

Teodoro Lio

Senior Managing Director Automotive and Mobility Lead, Accenture

Teodoro Lio is Accenture's European Head of Automotive and Mobility, as well as being the global Client Account Lead of a leading OEM. He lives in Turin, where he holds the position of head of Accenture's Automotive Hub and manages the activities for the many customers in the sector located in different geographies.

Over the course of his career, Teodoro spent four years in Shanghai working on the creation and development of Accenture's Automotive and Industrial practice in China.


09:00 | 09:45 - Sustainability and Electric The electric is by now a reality, but what are the missing elements to make it a real alternative to traditional vehicles? Which are the opportunities / challenges for the mass mobility market in terms of sustainability? How can the electric guarantee to super niche brands, which offer performance, experience and lifestyle, the retention and possibly the improvement of the strength of the impact?