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Alberto Dossi

Alberto Dossi

President H2IT Italian Hydrogen and fuel cell association and Gruppo Sapio

Alberto Dossi has been leading the Sapio Group, as President, since 2010. Alberto Dossi, born in Monza in 1952, joined Sapio, the family business, and leader in the Italian market of industrial and medical gases since 1922, after graduation. His inbuilt passion for innovation and research drove him, right from the outset, to investigate the world of technical gases in terms of their applications and plant engineering. A period in America working with an important chemistry group earned him a specialisation in the application of gases in production sectors and in processes where gases were not being used yet, increasing the quantity and quality of the final products. In 1989, when he came back to Italy, he set up a division for new applications of gases, to increase the sustainability of the production processes, establishing close collaborations between the Company, University and Customer. The company’s entrepreneurial dynamism, through setting up new businesses, has never stopped in 99 years and 3 generations, going hand in hand with the development of the country. This growth has always been based on principles of social responsibility, in order to give back to the country, society and employees, part of what has been received and developed, also through specific welfare policies and support for families (e.g. scholarships for the children of worthy employees). In this process of growth, PEOPLE and CONTINUOUS INNOVATION have played a key role for Sapio. Alberto Dossi has therefore dedicated considerable resources and continuous attention to these issues, in order to focus on skills and meritocracy. Meritocracy, skills and training are the unescapable pillars of his professional life. He has been a keen observer of the characteristics that companies of the future must have. In his vision every company, in order to keep up with the times and be able to successfully deal with each new globalisation challenge, must become DIGITAL and SUSTAINABLE, as well as have an INTERNATIONAL outlook.


10:00 | 10:45 - Hydrogen and Bio-fuel Analysing the sustainability issue, we can say that a new innovation trend is emerging, represented by hydrogen, bio-fuels and e-Fuel. What are the challenges for the affirmation of this alternate forms of power? What are the timings and the necessary evolutions? What’s their real impact in terms of carbon footprint?