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EcoSteer is an IoT and Blockchain software start-up for Data Ownership and Monetization. Its patented Data Ownership Platform (DOP – US Patent N. 10,771,243, issued on 8 September 2020) allows to decentralise IoT data access control and to implement a compensation mechanism for data sharing based on tokens. Ecosteer DOP has the potential to disrupt the current centralised, monopolistic data market, laying the foundations for a new, decentralised data economy. Based on end-to-end encryption & smart contracts, EcoSteer Data Ownership Platform (DOP) is a data sharing control layer implementing the GDPR principle of Data Ownership. By decentralizing data access control and giving it back to the rightful data owners, the DOP supports GDPR-compliant, decentralized corporate/institutional data streams marketplaces, allowing companies/institutions to invite selected partners to access IoT customer data in compliance with privacy laws, generating new revenues while involving customers into the data value chain.
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