Motor Valley is coming to town.
 May 16-17-18-19, 2019 | MODENA


Motor Valley Fest

Motor Valley is coming to town.

From Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th May 2019, the Motor Valley describes itself for the first time through a “widespread” Festival completely free of charge. A new concept of event that aims to promote the territory and its excellences, from Massimo Bottura to Luciano Pavarotti, passing through the fashion district. An agenda full of initiatives for both the public and the professionals, an intense program that is taking shape day after day.

The stage is set in Modena, as an invitation to come and discover the many wonders offered by the city like Palazzo Ducale, Piazza Mazzini, Piazza Matteotti, Piazza Roma, but also Modena’s Autodrome Marzaglia with the Motor1Days event and the fair area ModenaFiere.

All events, subject to weather conditions, are confirmed.

The entire event is FREE.

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A complete experience

Three pillars, lots of scheduled events.


Modena Circuit

Dynamic activities and experiences
on the track by Motor1Days.

Crazy Run | May 19
Roborace | May 18-19

Model City Area
MASA | May 17


Innovation & Talents

Ex AEM Modena

With University and Motorsport

Open Laboratory | May 16-17

Storchi Theater
TEDX Modena | May 18

Teatro Comunale
Inaugural Conference| May 16


Centre of Modena

Exhibitions at:

1. Novi Sad Park
2. Palazzo Ducale
3. Piazza S. Agostino
4. AGO Cultural Factories
5. Piazza Grande
6. Piazza Matteotti
7. Piazza Roma
8. Piazza XX Settembre
9. Piazza S. Francesco
10. Fondazione San Carlo
11. Chiostro S. Chiara
12. Cortile Palazzo Rangoni
13. Parco Ferrari
14. MEF
15. Maserati
16. Area Palamolza
17. Portico Collegio

The first edition of the Motor Valley Fest in Emilia-Romagna


Breathtaking performances


Research and passion meet


Discover the faces
of the Motor Valley Festival

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