Motor Valley virtual tour: visit the Enzo Ferrari Museum.

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Motor Valley virtual tour: visit the Enzo Ferrari Museum.

The Motor Valley virtual tour continues. From Sant'Agata Bolognese to Modena, from the Lamborghini Mudetec Museum to the Enzo Ferrari Museum.

The Coronavirus emergency has also forced Motor Valley into the pits. In addition to the production plants, all museums and collections have closed their doors. So technology comes to our rescue, and as well as offering us numerous ways to communicate remotely during these weeks of national quarantine, it allows us to comfortably explore the exciting museums of Motor Valley from our homes

Visit the Enzo Ferrari Museum

The MEF is not just a museum but an enthralling and exhilarating experience, thanks to a mix of unique ingredients. In the futuristic 2,500-square-metre-plus pavilion, visitors not only get to admire the cars on display but also enjoy an captivating immersive video experience that tells the magical story of Enzo Ferrari’s nine decades, spanning his childhood, his discovery of racing at the start of the 20th century, his years as driver, as the brain behind the Scuderia and then as a constructor and the triumphs that brought. 

In addition to that incredibly moving experience, Enzo’s father’s former workshop has been meticulously restored. The area is divided into five sections: smaller 1 to 6-cylinders, classic 12-cylinders, 8-cylinders, turbos, and, lastly, Formula 1 engines.