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All experiences and activities you can enjoy in the Motor Valley
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Reggio Emilia
“Old Racing Spare Parts” Mario Sassi Collection
Aldo Drudi
Ascari collection “Maserati motorcycles”
Autodromo internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari
Automobili Lamborghini
Automotive Academy UniMORE
Bandini Car Collection
Battilani Collection
Bologna University
Bruno Nigelli Collection
Checco Costa Museum
Demm Motociclomotoristico Museum
Ducati Motor Holding
Ducati Museum
Enzo Ferrari Museum
Ferrara University
Ferrari Museum
Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum
Francesco Baracca Museum
Gresini Racing
Guzzi Brunelli Collection
Horacio Pagani Museum
Lamborghini Museum
Marco Simoncelli Museum – The history of Sic
Maserati Automobili
Mauro Pascoli Vespa Collection
Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli
Modena Circuit
MUNER – Motorvehicle University of Emilia-Romagna
Museo del Patrimonio Industriale
Museo dell’Automobile e annessa Scuderia San Martino
Museo della moto di Scortichino – Glorie Italiane
Nello Salsapariglia Collection
Pagani Automobili
Parilla Collection
Parma University
Pasquale Mesto Collection
Piccolo museo della moto Bariaschi
Poggi motorcycle Collection
Pollini Collection
Professional Datagest
Righini Collection
Ruote da Sogno
Scrambler Ducati
Scuderia de Adamich
Scuderia Tricolore
Sic 58 – Squadra Corse
The National Motorcycle Museum
Umberto Panini Collection
Varano Circuit
Driving experience
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Master programs
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University programs
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Lamborghini Museum guided tours

Discover Lamborghini and understand how passion and magic meet in Sant’Agata Bolognese, in the heart of the Motor Valley.

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Lamborghini Museum and Factory Tour

Live the full visit experience to Lamborghini. A tour of historical models and new jewels under construction. A day to experience Lamborghini.

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Specialized Master in Racing Motor Engineering

The Datagest Professional Master in Racing Motorcycle Engineering offers the most advanced and specialized know-how in the design and development of racing bikes.

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Ducati Riding Experience

Sign up to the exclusive Ducati driving school. Suitable for those who want to improve their driving on the road, or those who want to experience the thrill of the track or experience the adventure on an enduro motorbike. Ducati Riding Experience is the most complete driving program in the Motor Valley.

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Misano Kart Experience

With a 35.000 square meter surface, 900 meter length and 10 meter width, the Kart Track of the Santamonica Circuit is a circuit where everyone can vent their unexpressed driving skills, in utmost tranquility and safety.

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Emotions on track

The Autodromo di Modena realizes your dream of crossing the gates of a track and drive real sport cars. Moreover a range of services also that you can customize depending on your needs or preferences.

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Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum Guided Tours

The Museum is available for guided tours with highly qualified staff who shows Ferruccio Lamborghini’s creations through his official story.

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Lamborghini Accademia

The Lamborghini Accademia is based on a simple principle: The best way to learn is to practice.
This is why the goal of the Accademia is for its learners to spend as much time as possible behind the wheel, both on the track and on ice and snow.

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“Science and technology for a safe car” Workshop

The workshop, curated by Achille Lodovisi and Alex Scardina, provides the study and design of a safe car model, through the experience gained with a car-laboratory at the racetrack itself, the KTM-X BOW.

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Physics in motion

An interactive experience where principles of physics can be put into practice. An educational experience that connects companies and schools. A unique activity that brings students in contact with one of the most important motorcycling organizations in the world.

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Master Degree in Advanced Automotive Engineering – MUNER

Dedicated to students who wish to become engineers with an in-depth knowledge of the various aspects related to the design and development of highly technological motorcycles .

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Master Maserati

The Master Maserati courses are born from a simple observation.To really enjoy every moment at the wheel, you need to know the car, learn how to handle it in every situation, snatch up every drop of adrenaline that it is able to offer.

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Tazzari Factory guided tour

From design to fusion, from assembly to the road.
Tazzari vehicles were born and developed entirely in Imola production plants.
With this special tour you can find out all about Tazzari’s technologies and productions.

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Enzo Ferrari Museum guided tours

The exclusive tour to the Enzo Ferrari Museum is enhanced by a guided tour to discover the legend. An exciting and accessible experience, made to involve all the fans of the history of the creator of the Prancing Horse stable.

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Francesco Baracca Museum guided tour

The Francesco Baracca Museum aims to spread the acquired knowledge, with particular reference to the historical-military, artistic and cultural heritage present in its collections.

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Varano Kart Experience

Live the driving experience of a Kart. A time trial challenge or a race against friends, experience the thrill of speed on the Varano circuit.

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Master Degree in Advanced Automotive Electronic Engineering – MUNER

Master degree for those who wish to become engineers with an in-depth knowledge of the design and engineering of the most advanced electronic, IT and connectivity systems in the automotive field.

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Maserati Factory guided tour

An exclusive tour in the locations where Maserati cars are born. The showroom, the historic sites and the assembly workshop, following the path of Maserati cars.

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GuidarePilotare Courses

Guidare Pilotare started as a safe driving school in 1982: the first in Italy. Since 1999 the school has offered also courses for motorbikes and since 2005, for commercial vehicles. Since 2009, the school has become the DAF official school and since 2013 BMW Motorrad official school. Since 2014 it has run BMW Driving experience.

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Ducati Grandstands

Joining a Tribuna Ducati means not only to have a dedicated point of view and special facilities, but also to be a part of the “Red Family”, living a true racing experience.

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Pagani Museum and Factory tour

The most complete experience to enter the world of Horacio Pagani. Visit the atelier and the collection of super sports cars that impress with their technology and design.

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Ducati Factory guided tour

A complete experience to enter into the past and present of Ducati. Discover how the myth of the Reds from Borgo Panigale were born, discovering the places, the characters, the technology and above all the bikes that have contributed to nourishing it.

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Centro Internazionale Guida Sicura Courses

The Safe Driving Courses are an exciting experience: an educational and dynamic, complete and gratifying journey that leaves its mark.It is a training offer that requires professionalism, expertise and adequate and dedicated facilities, with qualified programs and instructors.

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Ducati Dream Tour

Ride the most beautiful and high-performing sport bikes in the world, winding through the hills where they were designed and visiting the factory where they were first built.

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