Innovation & Talents

What's that?

The section dedicated to young talents, students of technical institutes, universities and masters, more generally, to professionals and researchers.
A great opportunity to talk about the future of the automotive world and professional opportunities, the result of meetings between companies, universities, talents and technologies.

A two-days digital event dedicated to the future of the sector and to the professional prospects: on one side, ITS, universities, research laboratories, students and start-ups, on the other, companies that have the opportunity to meet and scout talents and to do specialized training.
A networking event between industry, professionals, students, and training institutes designed to showcase the professional opportunities in the Emilian Motor Valley.

The University and training institutes play a central role in bringing young talents in contact with companies. University spin-offs in the automotive field with innovative projects designed to revolutionize mobility and the car of tomorrow are involved in a logic of enhancement of business projects and creative ideas.
The one-to-one digital meetings are scheduled with the aim of generating a real market of ideas that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to deal with important companies in the sector.

E-Talent Talks

Talent talks are managed through an interactive streaming system. Speaker and audience are connected in streaming.

E-Pitch for Start-up

Within the I&T Area, a large space is dedicated to local start-ups. Each company participating in the event has to indicate a contact person as interlocutor of different pitches of the start-ups. For each thematic slot, start-ups have 20 minutes to make their individual pitch to the companies present.

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