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To really enjoy every moment at the wheel you need to know the car, learn how to handle it in every situation, snatch up every drop of adrenaline that it is able to offer: this is where the Master Maserati courses come in.

Safe / sports driving courses designed expressly to give students the opportunity to try out in a safe environment, the performance of the various Maserati models.

The program, structured based on various levels of experience and with the constant supervision of the best Master Maserati instructors, allows you to test yourself on an extremely technical circuit such as Varano de' Melegari (Parma) and to achieve a high technical level in managing the steering wheel of your car.

Advanced driving techniques, technologies applied to various models, dynamic behavior on the track, tests in extreme conditions: these are just some of the aspects dealt with in the courses, in order to create the maximum synthesis between driver and car and, consequently, an increasingly better driving experience.

Type of organized events:

  • PRACTICE                        (level 1)
  • PRACTICE BY NIGHT   (level 1)
  • QUALIFYING                  (level 2)
  • RACE                                 (level 3)
  • MASTER                           (level 4)​