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Meeting with author: Enrico Borghi

Motor Valley Event

Made in Modena Travel hosts a meeting with Enrico Borghi, author of THE SILENCE. To Marco Simoncelli Tribute. Ten years after his death, it was time to explain the figure of Marco Simoncelli, to give him a place historical: he was one of the most important riders in the history of Italian motorcycling and Grand Prix. It was thought that everything had been illustrated and told by Marco Simoncelli, but it is not so. This book features exclusive and unpublished material. For ten years Mirco Lazzari has kept splendid images, today poignant. Enrico Borghi stacked documents, preserved stories and tales, confidences received from Marco. This is how this project was formed - Silence. - released on October 23, 2021, on the day that marked the ten years since Marco's death. Friday 27 May at 6.00 pm in Piazza Grande 34
Piazza Grande 34
event date
27 May 2022 • 18:00