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The origins of the Trident: The Maserati of the Maserati brothers.

Narrated through the story of the Maserati brothers, this story traces the first twenty years of the Modena car manufacturer. From the first successes in the racing world to the first, triumphant, entry into the automotive industry elite.

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Fabio Taglioni, the Ducati genius who built the legendary Desmo.

Engineer, inventor and designer, over the course of his thirty-year career he authored over a thousand projects, including the trellis frame, the “L” engine and the desmodromic system with which he inextricably linked his name to Ducati. We are talking about Fabio Taglioni, born September 10, 1920 in Santa Maria in Fabriago, a fraction of Lugo di Romagna.

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Ducati 916 Senna: when legends meet it’s forever.

It was 1994 when from the friendship between Claudio Castiglioni (Ducati patron at the time) and Ayrton Senna (great Ducati fan), a unique motorcycle was born, a jewel whose prestige was second only to its ethical value.

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